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Top Ten Reasons To Mediate Your Divorce


  1. Mediation helps parties place the best interests of their children first;

  2. Mediation tends to mitigate assumptions - and therefor the stress, anger, hysteria and conflict;

  3. Mediation allows uncoupling parties, instead of a judge, to control the outcome of their divorce, when it comes to every aspect - such as support, custody and division of community property;

  4. Mediation can save large amounts of money;

  5. Parties can raise, discuss and settle every issue they choose, including highly confidential issues, which may not be prudent to deal with in the very public divorce litigation process;

  6. Mediation can in most instances avoid protracted and lengthy divorces;

  7. Parties are still able retain and hire attorneys, as representing, consulting or reviewing attorneys, at any point through the mediation process;

  8. Mediator can help steer and support parties to build teams, if needed and depending on complexity – such as experts, divorce lawyers, accountants, coaches, psychologists, child evaluators, financial advisors, etc.;

  9. Mediator can set out an agenda where parties can get direction and a measure of certainty pertaining to timing, cost and what will be covered by settlement; and

  10. A professional neutral mediator will ensure balance between the parties, productive discussions and an opportunity for all parties to be fully heard, leading to a Marital Settlement Agreement and Parenting Plan and completed divorce process!

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