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Sperm Bank's Genius Donor Was Allegedly a Schizophrenic Ex-Con

"He was accepted as a sperm donor in 2000 without so much as having to show his driver's license to prove his identity, the Star reported, citing court documents."

According to an article in Vice News, three Ontario families are taking a US sperm bank and its Ontario distributor to court for allegedly giving them false information about their sperm donor, whom they say turned out not to be the healthy genius they thought he was, but a convicted felon with multiple diagnoses of mental illnesses.

The Article Reads:

"The lawsuit, alleging wrongful birth, failure to investigate, and fraud against Atlanta-based Xytex Corp. and Aurora-based Outreach Health Services, says the companies advertised and sold the sperm of "Donor 9263" even after being told about significant discrepancies between his donor profile and who he was in real life.

The families are from Port Hope, Ottawa, and Haileybury, and have each had a child — aged 8, 6, and 4 respectively — using the man's sperm, which has been used to conceive a total of 36 children in Canada, the US, and in the UK, The families are demanding $15.4 million in damages, according to the Toronto Star.

The donor's real identity — he is identified by the lawsuit as 39-year-old James Christian "Chris" Aggeles — was revealed in 2014 when Xytex accidentally disclosed his email address to families using his sperm. "What makes this truly bizarre and frightening is that the truth was only learned because of Xytex's failure to properly maintain their donor's anonymity," James Fireman told VICE News.

In a statement, a lawyer for Xytek told VICE News the company "looks forward to successfully defending itself from the new lawsuits." READ MORE HERE

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