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Reduce the Stress of Child Support

Annual awareness campaign reminds parents of services in Marin and beyond

San Rafael, CA – Many parents can be overwhelmed by the complexities of raising a child, striving hard to be the “perfect” parent. To that end, this year’s California Child Support Awareness Month campaign encourages parents with this year’s theme: “They Don’t Need Perfect, They Just Need You.”

The Marin County Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) joins the State of California DCSS in celebrating August as Child Support Awareness Month. Department Assistant Director Jennifer Sessi said the awareness campaign is an opportunity to promote the availability and benefits of child support services, which include low-cost or free programs available to any party to a child support order, regardless of participation in public assistance.

“This ‘They Just Need You’ message references all of the benefits that children receive from the participation of both parents in their lives,” Department Director Jill Francis said. “It helps all parents remember that Child Support Services is there to assist them in reducing the stress of the child support process.”

Last year, Marin County DCSS distributed $12.7 million in support payments of which $8.6 million was consistent monthly child support made by responsible parents within 1,410 Marin families. Francis said consistent and reliable child support payments help to provide financial stability for children, creating a greater opportunity for their overall success.

DCSS continues to make paying child support convenient with payment options online, by phone, by credit card, by debit card and by mail.

Several retail locations offer MoneyGram and PayNearMe kiosks that pay via PayPal, and there are self-service kiosks at local child support agencies.

To help parents in managing their child support case, the Customer Connect online portal allows parents access to their child support account to check balances, view payment history, see upcoming court dates and update their information. To register with Customer Connect, visit the California Department of Child Support Services website.

To access child support services, a parent can complete an application online or in person at any child support services office in California. In Marin, the office is at 88 Rowland Boulevard, Suite 200, in Novato. It’s open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.weekdays. Call 866-901-3212 or email for more information. NOTE: Not all child support needs to be made via the County - many parents pay child support directly to the other parent. Its also a great idea to mediate child support related issues - especially in instances where co-parents work effectively together and where the paying party is not tardy. Though arrears can be negotiated and agreements entered into. Seek advice of a Family Law specializing attorney if you need clarity or a better understanding of your circumstances.

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